4th Fashion Creator

رویداد بین الملی مد آفرین

۴th Fashion Creator: International Fashion Design Competition

Sponsored by Hassun Fashion and Textile Research Center

For three seasons, Fashion Creator as a national event in the field of textile, clothing, and fashion has tried to fill the void of theoretical foundations in Iranian-Islamic fashion and modest clothing. The live hybrid fashion competition along with the textile B2B platform made it possible for experts, researchers, and avid fashion enthusiasts from all over the country to gather for the same cause.

Each season of the competition focuses on a specific area of the apparel industry, so the winning designs can later be utilized in large-scale production. During the two-day event, Fashion Creator holds specialized workshops to provide the opportunity to share the latest research achievements and hands-on experience.

This year, though, Fashion Creator is inviting the international audience to participate in the upcoming hybrid event, hosted by the faculty of Fashion and Textile Design, Islamic Azad University-Tehran South in February 2024, to further its cause. The theme for this year is “Free Palestine” to pay respect to the martyrs of Gaza.

There are two categories in the competition; fashion design, and textile design. Contestants participate in teams consisting of a fashion designer, pattern maker, and tailor. Each team requires a presentation board (mood board) and a one-page designer’s statement. By following the guidelines for entries, participants will have a portfolio-quality piece. The competition will be judged by academic and industry professionals who will provide a critique for each group based on a comparative system.

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